Are you seeking fire-resistant foam insulation for your property? We are here to offer you quick assistance. Based in Barrie, we are one of the leading service providers specializing in fireproofing insulation. With our services, you can ensure your property’s safety from all the fire-related hazards and have additional benefits like adequate property temperature, low utility bills, a better atmosphere of surroundings, outer noise cancellation, and much more.

Being an insulation work expert, Fireproofing Barrie is committed to providing quality and reliable solutions for residential projects and commercial and municipal projects.

Fire Proofing Barrie | Who We Are ?

Fire Proofing Barrie is one of the leading professional spray fireproofing contractors. We have a team of experts who have gained extensive training and have years of experience and expertise in providing spray fireproofing insulation.

As compared to other Barrie Fireproofing companies, our clients have ranked us as one of the most excellent service providers due to our skilled work and comprehensive warranty.

At Fire Proofing Barrie, we offer repair services as well on existing insulation installations. We do repairing work with great perfection that no one will know that it is repaired until you will tell them.

What services we offer?

We offer various high-quality services at relatively cost-effective prices compared to other spray foam companies in Barrie. Below are the services that you can count on with spray fireproofing Barrie-

  1. Attic insulation
  2. Basement insulation
  3. Blown-in insulation
  4. Crawl -space insulation
  5. Cementitious insulation
  6. Garage insulation
  7. Thin-film intumescent fireproofing

You can ensure your property structure’s longevity and durability with our services having a guaranteed warranty.

Why Choose us?

Fire Proofing Barrie is one of the best spray foam companies. We have successfully provided services to our customers that helped us be rated as one of the leading fireproofing companies in Barrie. 

Being certified and authorized, our professional team uses high standard quality material and innovative techniques to complete the required projects. Feel free to contact us to get our quality fireproofing services!