Attics are available in all shapes and sizes, there are over two dozen movies where there is at least one scene in an attic. Until recently, people have been using them for storing things in boxes and trunks. Considering the area used by an attic, it is a real waste of space. Though earlier, people did try to convert their attic, the major problem was the constant changes in temperature making it uncomfortable.

Poor insulation makes your thermostat work overtime

In centrally air-conditioned properties, a lot of money is spent to keep the whole house at a comfortable temperature. Recently, a lot of people have realized that they are paying extra on their electricity bills because of poor insulation. Some have their entire property insulated except the attic. It causes the air to escape from there and adds digits in the utility bills due to the overuse of heating, and air conditioners with thermostat keep trying to retain the temperature of the house.

Many people with attic insulation in Richmond Hill say their electricity bills went down by about 20%. Some say they might have their basement insulated, too, if it leads to cost savings. Apart from cost savings, these newly insulated attics become comfortable around the year. People with growing families and a little time to spare have started using this space for a living area, often converting it to a room.

Blown-in attic insulation is ideal for saving a little money compared to spray foam. In GTA, several home buyers have gone for this option to ensure they are not wasting their money on utility bills. Before moving in, they have their attic modified and make it a little more useful considering the cost of real estate in this part of the world.

Creating a new living space for the family

Attic insulation in Richmond Hill has made some carpenters and handymen very happy. They are assigned the task of converting the attic into something different. It saves the owner money, and space is used for something apart from being a storage area. For the creative kind, you can convert attic to a painting studio because of the abundance of sunlight. Others simply make it a study with a little library.

Some of the benefits of blown-in attic insulation:

  • It takes a short time to insulate an attic.
  • Energy efficiency increases by trapping air.
  • Bring down the sound and noise levels.
  • Deliver savings on energy consumption every season.
  • It contains recycled content.
  • Effectively covers the entire area, blanketing everything required.
  • Fire-resistant cover to surfaces.

If anyone of these points above is of specific interest to you, ask the vendor to install blown-in insulation accordingly. For those looking for property to buy, ask the realtor about the insulation and fireproofing of the prospective home. If it doesn’t have any, add that to your future expenses or insist on only looking at property with proper insulation and fireproofing.

The last bit of advice

After insulating your attic, maybe you should look at insulation for your garage. It is another area where cool or warm air could be escaping. If you do decide to have it done, this is a space in the house, which is ideal for optimizing. You’ll be automatically motivated to use your workstation and tools here once the temperature can be controlled efficiently.

In a nutshell, though it’s called insulation, it serves a lot of other purposes too. From keeping loud noises and sounds out of the attic, it also adds value by making the room so airtight that you are inspired to do other things with the place. All this and more can be done on a moderate budget and save you money on power consumption bills too.